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Do not stress over what the symptoms indicate; just note whether you experience them. If you have more than one-third “yes” reactions in any diagnostic classification, then you may have a component of this imbalance in your system. You may have more than one sort of imbalance operating at the exact same time, too, so do not be surprised if you have half yes answers for more than one diagnostic category.

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My mouth and throat frequently feel dry. I have dry eyes. I frequently feel hot. I in some cases feel feverish in the afternoon. I awaken during the night. I am frequently thirsty. I tend to be constipated. My bowel movements are tough and dry. I choose chillier weather. Given the option, I would choose a cold beverage.

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My chest sweats, specifically at night. I flush easily or have a red face. I frequently feel anxious or anxious; I am a worrywart. I am thin. I am restless and fidgety. I am tired a lot. I am a restless sleeper. I have brilliant dreams. Is your low back aching or weak? Are your feet cold, specifically at night? Are you generally chillier than those around you? Is your sex drive low? Are you frequently afraid? Do you wake up during the night or early in the morning due to the fact that you need to urinate? Do you urinate regularly, and is the urine diluted and/or profuse? Do you have morning loose, urgent stools? Do you feel cold cramps during your period that react to a heating pad? Is your tongue pale, moist, and inflamed? Are you typically fatigued? Do you have bad cravings? Is your energy lower after a meal? Do you feel bloated after consuming? Do you crave sugary foods? Do you have loose stools, stomach pain, or gastrointestinal problems? Are your hands and feet cold? Is your nose cold? Are you vulnerable to feeling heavy or sluggish? Are you susceptible to feeling heaviness or grogginess in the head? Do you bruise quickly? Do you think you have poor blood circulation? Do you have varicose veins? Are you lacking strength in your limbs? Are you doing not have in workout? Are you prone to fret? Have you been diagnosed with low high blood pressure? Do you sweat a lot without exerting yourself? Do you feel dizzy or light-headed, or have visual modifications when you stand quickly? Are you often sick, or do you have allergies? Have you been identified with hypothyroid or anemia? Do you have hemorrhoids or polyps? Does your tongue look swollen, with teeth marks on the sides? Do you have a pale, yellow-colored complexion? Do you have dry, flaky skin? Are you prone to getting chapped lips? Are you losing hair on you head (not in spots, but all over)? Is your hair brittle or dry? Do you have decreased nighttime vision? Are you lips, the inner side of your enthusiast eyelids, or tongue pale in color? My nail beds are pale, and my nails are dry and break quickly.