What to Look For in a Lacrosse Stick

There are many types of lacrosse sticks from which to choose at different levels. Depending on where you are in your level of play or league, you must have a lacrosse stick. Ensure that you know the specifications for your sticks by checking with the league you play in. Below is a list of what to look for at each position or stage in lacrosse.

Beginners-Beginning-level lacrosse players will want to play with a lighter stick with an extra flex point. Flex points are important in the sport because that determines how well you can pass or shoot. Because beginners won’t get used to the feel of the stick and the speed of the game, it’s best to start off with a lacrosse stick that can give you a maximum amount of forgiveness when you have the ball.

Attackers or Midfielders-These players will touch the ball more often than defenders or goalies. These sticks are stiff allowing you to shoot faster or pass more accurately. The flex point should be stiffer so your passing can be accurate. Once you advance past the beginning stages of play, you’ll have a better feel for the passing and shooting.

Defenders-Many of the defenders’ sticks will have a deeper head because the goal is to prevent the other team from scoring and the deeper pockets make it harder for people to take the ball away. As with the attackers or midfielder’s sticks, the flex point should be stiff. Accuracy is important for defenders but it’s sometimes necessary to throw the ball out of play or away from your goal, giving up on the accuracy factor.

Goalies-These lacrosse sticks are bigger than others and the head is wider and deeper. The grip comes as completely solid or with little flex. Some goalies like a more flexible stick because of the ability to move in the pocket. The goalie’s job is much like the defender, so the accuracy can be sacrificed for getting the ball away from the goal.

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