Tips for Maternity Photos

Photographs are the way we capture memories and special times in our life. Of course you will be taking a gazillion photos of your little bundle of joy once he/she is born. What about the months before? Maternity pictures seem to be a growing trend, but I think it is more than that. Pregnancy is also a very special time in a mother’s life and deserves the (photographer’s) careful attention as any other.

Even though this time is full of hormones and morning sickness, it is important to choose the right moment to capture this precious time. Depending on how big the mother’s belly is, try for between six and eight months. Yes, you want to notice that belly and all its glory. But you don’t want the mother to feel plump and bloated. You need a balance between bulgy baby-ness and beautiful motherhood. This fine line is different for every soon-to-be mother. For information on Brooklyn Motherhood Photography.

The focus is, of course, the belly! There is a beautiful baby growing in there and it’s the essence of motherhood that you are trying to capture. The mother is the second most important and the father is the third. But you should still try to capture all three in different ways. You couldn’t have the first without the other two.

As an advocate for simplicity, I advise only using white and black as the background and/or wardrobe. White enhances a purity and natural image that goes hand in hand with a baby. Black works wonderfully as a contrast to skin tone and silhouettes. The following is a list of poses/compositions and their respective backgrounds that you can try out. Feel free to experiment and change to help fully express the inner beauty of your subject.

1.) The Belly

Just try out silhouettes of the belly on a black background. I recommend a bare belly, but if the mother is modest, a white shirt will work too. Incorporate the mother and/or father’s hands on the belly; either clasped, one on top of the other, or forming a “heart” over the belly. You can also introduce other props; such as a baby outfit or tiny booties to allude to the little one on the way.

2.) The Mother

Soft light and light colors can really bring a sense of purity and divinity to a photo capturing the connection of mother to child. I suggest white on white or black on black to focus more on the belly. Try poses in which the mother is looking down at her belly with her hands wrapped around it. Let the mother explore different poses; this is not the first time she has gazed down and pondered the new life growing inside her.

3.) The Father

Dad had a part in all this too and shouldn’t be left out. Try pictures of him holding her belly or, for something more intimate, him kissing her belly or laying his ear to it to try and hear a heartbeat. Then there is the first “family portrait”. Be sure the mother is wearing a tight shirt that really shows off her belly!

If the gender of the baby is known, you can incorporate the appropriate colors too. Have the mother paint her nails blue/pink, or incorporate a ribbon around the belly like a gift from God (you can even add a little to/from tag to enhance the effect). The important thing is always to have fun with it and try to make it your own. Every baby, pregnancy, and couple is different; show that off! It is as simple as any other photo shoot. Just keep the basics in mind.