The Massive Growth of Printer Ink in the Home

The massive growth of Printer ink in the home

In the past 20 years the use of printer ink in the home and expanded in a way that could not have been predicted. From school assignments to printing home produced photographs the growth of printer ink in the home are endless.

Who would have realised that the growth in cheap airlines would have led to an increase in printer ink. How has this happened? Well, have you noticed that cheap airlines do not send out tickets or confirmation letters by post? Nowadays they send out confirmation details to their customers by email. It is up to the customer then to print off these details from their home printers. This has lead to a massive increase in the use of home printer ink.

When I was at school and college all essays and assignments were handwritten. I often have sympathy for the teachers and lecturers who had to read my writing. In fact, I was once sent to the art teacher at the age of 17 to learn how to write. Not anymore as most schools and all colleges now require that essays and assignments are printed, again leading to a massive increase in the use of printer ink from the home computer.

Working from home has greatly increased in the last 20 years and as more people work from home they use their home computers and printer ink. In today’s busy environment many workers use their laptops on the train on their way home from work and use printer ink to come to complete their tasks.

The growth of the internet could not have been foreseen 30 years ago but with its wide-scale appeal and use this has also led to the use of printer ink. People access information on the internet for all sorts of things, from hobbies to work-related topics. In fact, many people probably use the internet as their first port of call for researching their chosen field. Of course, the information can be read on-screen but often it isn’t very easy to do so. Apart from the visual problem one cant read the information in bed at night, for example, therefore one uses printer ink to have the information in a more accessible format.

It was once believed that the growth in computers would lead to paperless offices but this has not been the case. What they have led to is the growth in printer ink. Nowadays people are less careful about how things are written, simply because they can print out draft copies and quickly and easily amend them prior to the final product. Once again this has led to an increase in printer ink.

A very popular use for printer ink is the printing of photos from digital cameras. It is so convenient to take one’s own pictures, modify them and then download using one’s own printer ink. In this way, one is free to pick and chose which photos to print off and which to scrap. As printer ink comes down in price more and more people will print off their own photos.

Printer ink has come down in price making it more and more accessible. This can only lead to an increase in its use.

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