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The washer will probably be gas-powered and weigh more than 75 lbs. Depending on its size, you may require a pickup or van to transport it and help to discharge it. Ask the rental representative to show you how to hook it up and run it, and to review safety precautions with you.

Do not point them at anybody or attempt to rinse your hands or feet. They can tear your skin straight off. If you don’t feel confident running it, work with a pro. Make sure you get a 6- to 12-ft. extension wand to help reach high areas (Picture 9). Picking the Best Nozzle, Pressure washers typically have three or four nozzles with spray patterns of differing widths.

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Wash the rain gutters and soffits along with the siding. Direct the spray far from breakable items like windows and outside lights, and eliminate house numbers and flowerpot whenever possible. Picture 6: Scrape after washing, Pressure washers will get rid of loose paint, however they’re not an alternative to scraping. We’ll have to scrape extra loose paint after pressure washing this area anyway.

We’ll have to fill this location with wood putty before repainting. Gouging is inescapable if you attempt to remove paint. Picture 8: Point far from windows, Direct the nozzle away from windows, holding the wand at an angle so you don’t drive water into joints, spaces or against the glass.

The Benefits Of Paint And Power Wash

For much better control and to keep your arms from tiring, use two hands. Other pressure cleaning ideas: While it’s best to clean with the wand intended downward, at times you’ll have to point it rather upward, especially under soffits (Pictures 5 and 9). When you do, remember the general rule not to drive the water straight into fractures or spaces.

We use a wide variety of Power Washing and Painting services for exterior and interior. Industrial application and resident are all dealt with the same. No job is too little or too big. We keep the environment in mind and work with clients demand. We utilize 4 different innovations for ideal outcomes; Pressure Wash, Soft Wash, Hot Wash and Sterilizing Wash services.

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Pressure Washing Services in Bucks County, PA There are lots of companies that provide painting services, like domestic and commercial painting, but very few companies use painting and powerwashing services all in one location! At Militello Painting and Powerwashing, we offer a comprehensive series of power cleaning and pressure cleaning services.

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We’re not simply local to the Montgomery County, PA location. We offer our services to surrounding counties and areas, too. We offer and other parts of Bucks County, too. We are one of the very best business out there who concentrates on concrete pressure cleaning services, house soft wash services, and patio area cleansing.

With our house soft wash services, you’re getting your home pressure cleaned, but with less power. This is excellent for removing algae, bacteria, and discolorations on your home. At Militello Painting and Powerwashing, we can offer a wide variety of painting and power cleaning services that can’t be beaten. Contact our team today to get a quote on our services.