Remarkable Things You Can Gain From Studying Fox News

The Art of Fox News

The Stanford Cable Television TELEVISION News Analyzer discovered that cable news on typical the last couple of years gave Trump about twice as much attention as they offered Obama when he was president. If these networks – not simply Fox, but CNN and MSNBC – if they’re utilized to covering a White House like this, what happens when a man who appears to be a lot more boring goes to the White House? Is it just going to, like, be a crisis for all of them? FOLKENFLIK: I suggest, ultimately, you got to imagine yes.

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The very first thing I’ve got to state is that I’ve pertained to the conclusion that the start of every brand-new presidency, whether after four years or eight years, is type of a reset for all of the big three cable television channels. And it may be that that takes place – due to the fact that of Trump, that that begins to take place with other sort of wire service, like papers like the Times.

However I think they decide, OK, we’re going to renovate it. You know, Jeff Zucker took CNN, and for a while it was similar to whatever spectacle we can have you focus on. And, you understand, it resembled, we have a cruise liner sinking, and it’s excellent video.

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Remarkable Things You Can Gain From Studying Fox News

And CNN is having a minute. They’re getting really excellent rankings. They’re getting excellent rankings in part due to the fact that the election never ever ended and Trump was still trying to battle the old war. I indicate, it does advise you a little bit of sort of like arguments for the Confederacy? Like, it’s simply this war has been battled, however individuals are still – you know, the lost cause still endures, right? SANDERS: The lost cause, yeah.

CNN is no longer indulging that in the method it did in the early time of Trump -? – where they would have Trump surrogates on to state things that just were plainly baloney. SANDERS: Or they would let Trump simply call in and talk at length. FOLKENFLIK: They were excited for it.

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I believe among the important things to keep in mind about cable television news, which people forget, is that even the best-viewed cable news programs, with very unusual exception and not consistent exception, simply from time to time, are less well-watched than the lowest-rated broadcast newscast, like “CBS Night News.” I think that – you know, what do they have to do? All they need to do to succeed hugely is get 3 million to 4 million people, so maybe 1% of the American watching public, you know, watch their programs during the night.

The Basics of Fox News

What they will do – and for Fox, it’s an easier prospect in some ways. They just make themselves the opposition party. Fox simply says, fine, OK, let’s leave Trump aside, and we’ll make recommendations to things that whip you up, however we will not go deep. SANDERS: Yeah, yeah. FOLKENFLIK: Easier to go after a guy than to have to play defense all the time.

It’s just receiving from here to there. SANDERS: You understand, when I believe about what we did incorrect over the last few years, I think the biggest error all of us made, all of us in the news media – we let Donald Trump set all of our news agendas all the time.