PVC Fencing As Alternative to Concrete Post and Base

I would like to offer a homage to the benefits of plastic (PVC) fence posts and base panels as opposed to traditional concrete ones, as I have been using them lately and am amazed at their limited usage over concrete products at this time.

The benefits are:

The posts are a tenth the weight of concrete posts, dramatically reducing the time it takes to get the fencing from a to b and meaning the fencing contractor is less tired after moving them and less time equals a cost-saving.;

They do not crack or rust. The concrete fencing posts tend to chip and once the inner iron rod is exposed to moisture this leads to rust and eventual failure. This problem does not occur with the PVC posts.

They are stronger than concrete. Testing has shown the tensile strength to be greater than that of concrete posts. This is because PVC posts flex when pressure is applied whereas concrete ones will crack and (see above) eventually fail. The slight flex is actually a security bonus as they are less receptive to climbing over than rigid concrete ones.

They are more attractive than concrete fencing post and bases. They come in several colors (brown, green, and concrete-like grey) unlike concrete fencing products and they are smoother looking. Concrete products often have chip marks in them from abrasion during transit.

They actually hold the fence panels better than standard concrete posts. This is because the mold can be tighter where the panels slot in. This alleviates the common complaint of panels flapping around in wind, causing undesirable noise.

Probably the main reason they outperform concrete fencing posts is that all the weight on PVC fencing posts is at the bottom whereas on a concrete post it is at the top. This causes movement over time as gravity takes effect. This is especially pronounced in soft ground. Time and time again it is possible to see this in effect as the posts move slightly away and then the fence panel drops out.

Finally, PVC fencing products are less damaging to the environment than concrete products. So you get the satisfaction of having a better product and helping the environment at the same time.

As the costs of PVC fencing reduces and it becomes comparable like-for-like to concrete fencing we are likely to see more of this excellent product and I will welcome this in the future.

If you would like a quote for fencing visit [pvcfencesupply.com].