Picking The Best Pressure Washer

Finding the best pressure washer to meet your needs could be a challenging process. It’s a great addition to your own tools collection – saving water, time and effort. Choosing the best pressure washer may be confusing simply because of the tremendous variety of types and models. The universal model for every single particular application simply does not exist. The perfect power washer should simply match the kind and intensity of work you would like to use it for.

Power cleaners are categorized in groups based upon the frequency of use and the surface types they are best suited for cleaning. Selecting the best pressure washer for your needs depends on the answers to the questions below: 
– Exactly what do you want to pressure clean? 
– How often are you going to need it?

Should you need the machine for light applications for less than a hundred hours per year, you do not have to invest a larger amount buying a larger unit. But if you choose a very small pressure washer, you will have to spend additional time and effort to finish the same job. So, choose wisely and carefully to find your machine right from the first time.

Generally speaking, there are two main types of pressure cleaners depending on the type of motor: electric and gas pressure cleaners.

Electric power washer

has many positive aspects: it is an environment-friendly, quiet and odorless unit. Its reach is limited due to cord length. An electric pressure washer is usually a compact machine, perfect for indoor applications, cleaning deck, car or your walkway.

Gas power washer

is simply ideal for outdoor applications requiring portability and/or more power. It is somehow noisy and generates some gas fumes. This unit only requires fuel, it is not limited by the length of the power cord, does not need a power source nearby and is usually larger and more efficient than a typical electric pressure washer. If you are going to clean kitchen hoods or concrete – the gas pressure washer is just what you need.

Also, do not skip the following considerations before choosing the best pressure washer for your needs:

– Driven by: electric, gas, diesel or hydraulic engine 
– Type of use: homeowner, commercial-grade or industrial 
– Drive system: direct-drive, gear-drive or belt-drive 
– Pressure (PSI) and flow (GPM) 
– Pump type: wobble, axial or camshaft 
– Hot water or cold water 
– Portable or fixed

This brief summary of the main focus points will really help you make your final choice. Remember, do not hurry, take your time to consider questions above. You will really be satisfied at the end, having the perfect tool for you!