Online Scheduling Software: Why It’s Your Best Scheduling Solution

You may be familiar with employee’s online scheduling software programs that let you automatically create work schedules by matching employees’ availability with the available shifts. But not all scheduling tools are web-based. For some, schedules are prepared offline using an automated scheduler and then distributed among the employees. While this process works for many, it has limitations. For one, you can’t make changes to it and systematically update the workers of these changes. In addition, requests the staff may want to raise will need to be made in person to the scheduling manager.

With an online software however, there are several advantages.

A. Schedules are available 24/7.

When work schedules are posted online, these become accessible to employees anytime, anywhere for as long as they have an internet-enabled device. And really, who doesn’t these days? This also means that when last-minute changes are made, employees would be made aware of this right away, thereby preventing situations where workers fail to show up because of miscommunication.

B. It allows employees to enter their availability and/or time off requests wherever they may be.

If your company is utilizing an online software, matching available time with the work schedules and accommodating requests is possible. This is because even if the employees are not physically present, they can still access the service online, and enter how many hours they can work for a particular day or week and on what days they will be present.

C. There’s no way workers “lose” or “forget” schedules posted online.

Employees often come up with lame excuses for failing to show up for work or not getting there on time. These reasons may include losing their schedules or forgetting their shifts. But an online schedule can be viewed from practically anywhere 24/7, so these types of excuses will no longer fly.

D. It keeps business operations running smoothly.

Employees shouldn’t have to jump hoops just to get some time off, especially for urgent reasons. At the same time though, the business should also continue to run smoothly despite the personal concerns of its workers. Online scheduling makes this possible because even if employees need to be absent, finding a person to take over, and informing that replacement staff, is easy.

E. It keeps a permanent record of schedules.

With an online scheduling software, you don’t have to worry about keeping file after file of schedules, employee data, and cost documents because the software itself serves as a storage as well. And because everything is save in the “cloud” and password-protected, there’s little to worry about when it comes to keeping your files secure and confidential.