Lose Weight Fast – Introducing the Fat Flush Diet For Newbies!

Sometimes the body has problems maintaining its own systems due to poor diet and lack of exercise. A fat flush diet helps the body to work efficiently and lose weight at the same time?

What is a Fat Flush Diet?

A fat flush diet is simply this: flushing the toxins out of your body that get stuck and cause all sorts of problems. The fat flush diet literally flushes the nasties from your system and allows your body to work at top notch. Not only does your body work better, but you will feel better too.

How Does the Fat Flush Diet Work?

The fat flush diet consists of drinking a lot of water, over 6-8 glasses per day, a restrictive diet of 1100-1200 calories per day, and exercising for 20-40 minutes per day. Does this sound hard? It is actually very simple to add low fat, low calorie foods to your diet in order to maintain the 1100-1200 calories diet. Getting the exercise in might be an issue for busier people. The exercise required for this diet is mostly low impact and can be done anytime. Think walking, swimming and cycling.

Pros and Cons of the Fat Flush Diet

Like everything else, there are pros and cons to the fat flush diet. The upside is that you will clean out your body and lose fat. he down side is that restricting your daily caloric intake make actually slow down your metabolism. If this occurs, increase your caloric intake by 200-300 per day.

The fat flush diet helps you detoxify your body and lose fat.

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