How To Promote Your Products Or Services?

This tiny article is not only for the users who have their own company web site but also for the offline businesses.

As far I know most of new companies do not want to invest a lot of money for online marketing including their own business web site. If you are one of them, I suggest you to browse business to business ( B2B ) trade portal and sign up your companies profile there. In order to sign up, you need an email address. You can easily get one from any renowned providers like hotmail, gmail or yahoo. There are many potential buyers looking for suppliers of various products and services around the world. As buyers, they also do not want to invest for marketing purpose, like advertising in paid yellow pages, local trade fair center, or other government trade related services. That’s why they prefer to search for suppliers in various trade portals for trade leads. And the good news is that they like to buy bulk quantities and frequently.

Second, these potential buyers search for trade leads or suppliers, manufacturers in online classifieds web sites. Here I want to mention there are two or three countries that are very famous to supply almost all types of community goods, as for example China, Thailand, India and so on. Besides, people think that the real B2B ( Business to Business ) hub is in Asia. So what is the point? Post your trade leads or classifieds in regional classifieds sites can be very fruitful.

Company with business website has more opportunities to promote its products or services. Besides promoting your company in classifies sites, you can also do marketing for the following ways:

First, try to sign up all trade related portal sites and submit your company’s web site, upload product images in their product showcase. Second, you can submit your web site in niche directory like business directory. You can submit your site both paid or free directories. My personal opinion is not to depend totally on free directories because free directories are not always well organized and huge site listing. Therefore, your site can end up at the bottom of the list like on page 6 or 7 or even more. Sometimes paid directories bring more fruitful result than free link directories. Hence, little bit investment on paid directories can bring you huge potential customers for your business. Paid directories are highly promoted and well organized compare to free directories.

Third, you can submit your companies’ site in major search engines like yahoo, google, dmoz and so on. Nowadays, almost all major search engines charge for site review or acceptance. And fees are sometimes quite higher than link directories. Even some search engines charge yearly basis which is every painful for ordinary startup small businesses.

Fourth, you can join in business forums or online community in order to post your offers. There are many trade fair sites contain public forum for posting trade leads but most of these forum are highly are moderated. If you follow their guidelines, I don’t think there should be any problem.

Lastly, you can emphasize on search engine optimization (SEO) and there are lots of affordable companies to hire likeĀ SEO Services in Thailand