GI Joe Birthday Party Supplies to Make Your Birthday Planning Mission a Huge Success

GI Joe has been part of the toy and comic book scene for generations now. Now, he’s been re-invented. Joe and crew are part of an international force fighting evil. Let them provide the ideal theme for your child’s next birthday party and let them battle evil their own way with a whole set of GI Joe birthday party supplies.

Start your mission planning off the right way with a GI Joe Deluxe Party Pack. When it comes time to chow down rest assured that you’ve got all the plates, cups, napkins, and more that you’ll need for the whole team. Decorate your bivouac with crepe paper, balloons, a tablecover and centerpiece, and lots more. Now you’re good to go.

Don’t forget that every team member will need a disguise for those ultra-secret meetings. You’re covered with a set of GI Joe Masks. With 4 white and 4 black ninja masks in the kit everyone can pick the character he likes. Then it’s time to sneak up to the refreshment table for those essential rations.

Take time to plan those search-and-consume missions carefully, though. The GI Joe Watch is the perfect instrument for that purpose. Couple them with a set of Rubber Bracelets so you can clearly identify who is a member of the squad.

The squad will need some weapons when they seek out the bad guys, of course. Start with some Ninja Stars. Lethal to imaginary enemies only, of course, since they’re really made of safe plastic, all your Joes will be grateful to have this item. Add a Snake Eyes Sword. It’s a must for slicing through a group of bad guys. Or for just looking cool, since the only thing this 31″ toy can really slice is air.

Equip all your stealth operatives with a pair of GI Joe Child Gloves. Black and featuring the official logo, they’re the perfect accessory. And you can get cobra trooper costume info here.  The Duke Child Boot Covers are equally important for those night missions. They feature gray faux-metal accents along a polyester and polyurethane boot cover.

Your team leader will look his best in the GI Joe Duke Classic Muscle Child Costume. Picture him looking slick in a black jumpsuit with a stuffed armor torso and silver accents. Then, he slips on the mask. Now he’s ready for anything. Of course, anything has to include eating cake, opening presents, and stalking around the backyard in a game of hide and seek.

Remember to include a pair of Duke Missile Launcher Arms. The Cobras will fall like trees when your Joe gets started with this weapon. The plastic toy missiles really fly, so stand back. Outfit him with a set of 4 Disc Launchers and you’ve got it all covered. Everybody needs a spare system, right?

Well, your system is unbeatable if you select the cool GI Joe birthday party supplies to make your next birthday planning mission a huge success. Be sure to check the arrivals at the door, in case some Cobras try to crash the meeting!