Cryolipolysis at Home

Machine For Home Use

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Function of portable cryolipolysis machine:

Fat dissolving

Promote tissue metabolism

Repel the cellulite

Tighten the skin

Strengthen the skin elasticity

Body shaping

How does Cryolipolysis work?

Fat cells are naturally more vulnerable to the effects of cooling than skin and other surrounding tissues. Fat cells can be safely eliminated without harming the skin. The cryolipolysis controlled cooling causes crystallization of the lipids in the fat cells, leading to damage to the cells and gradual, safe elimination by the body’s normal metabolic processes.

Fat cells are processed similar to how fat from food is naturally eliminated through the lymphatic system. Each treatment results in an average 20 to 25% reduction in the fat layer. This reduction of fat flattens and smoothes the targeted fat bulges.

Cryolipolysis Treatment Sessions:

The number of treatment sessions depends upon your own goals and the amount of stubborn fat in the area been treated. Many clients benefit from one session, however, the standard advice is that 1 – 3 treatments will be needed on most body areas. For treatments to a different area there is no waiting period, although clients usually wait at least 4 – 6 weeks before rebooking to treat the same area, though it Clients can expect minimal discomfort during the Cryolipolysis treatment. However, depending on the sensitivity of the clients skin, some individuals may experience temporary redness, bruising and/or numbness after the procedure. These side effects are temporary and usually last no more then 7 – 10 days.can be retreated more frequently if so desired. On average a client will lose 30% of the fat in the targeted area per treatment. Results vary depending on many different factors, for example, the density of the fat, and the size of the area been treated, and own individuals lifestyle choices after treatment. Results take 6 – 12 weeks with some clients seeing results within 4 weeks*.

RT Aesthetics are passionate about helping our clients to achieve their goals and offer support throughout the process. Therefore, we promise to provide you with a holistic, personal centred approach, aiming to enhance your body confidence and quality of life. ​It is therefore important that we offer free consultation to design a treatment plan based on your own individual needs. When you come for a free consultation, our aesthetic practitioners will assess your circumstances, goals, and lifestyle and offer advise on the course of treatments that will produce the best results.