Compliance Consulting – Registration Made Simpler

In this hustle bustle world, it’s difficult to do everything on your own. Then why not make most of the benefits provided by companies offering compliance services. Who are these compliance services for? Companies provide services that allow faster and quicker registration facilities for registered investment advisers (RIAs), broker dealers (BDs), private-equity firms, hedge funds and mutual funds. Looking for RIA compliance consulting check online few companies do offer similar services.

The compliance experts deal with all the complex rules and regulations making the entire procedure simple and easy for you. They help to centralize and coordinate the compliance program through consulting and customized web-based technology. These experts are familiar with the SEC and state filing requirements. With contacts around the country, they help speed up the process. Depending on the level of complexity the cost of registration packages vary.

Form ADV Part 2B has to be filed by Registered Investment Advisers and have to be distributed to security administrators and their clients. It’s compulsory to disclose clients as well as prospective client’s information about your firm. Firms providing compliance services supply Pro Form Ware Form ADV software. This enables RIAs to complete this form with a simpler format like Microsoft Word.

Certain points need to be taken into consideration while choosing a compliance partner. Make sure the source provides only trusted, safe and secure transactions. Automation technology ensures industrial strength. This is essential because with a secured channel and a browser access from any computer according to their convenience. Get solutions customized to your business model like the state of the art web 2.0 cloud computing system.

When it comes to registering on your own, you will notice how quickly the papers and documents pile up. Maintaining a firm’s initial RIA registration and other ongoing investment adviser related matters require a lot of time and effort. You can’t simply file your documentation, they also have to be reviewed and approved. Once approved these documents have to be managed to keep the firm running efficiently.

This is a highly regulated industry. Firms might not have sufficient time to spend on the registration process. The goal should be to save on the countless hours spent on compliance issues and to concentrate more on increasing the value of the client’s investment. These days most of the RIAs and BDs depend, hedge fund and mutual fund clients depend on these expert services and innovative compliance services for implementation and support.

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