Best Outfield Gloves Baseball 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If like me, you have ever tried to be an outfielder, you will know that you are responsible for covering a third of the outfield which means you have to be able to cover a lot of ground. They have to be fast and explosive which includes being able to catch the ball and letting it go quickly.

So, in this article, I have spent countless hours researching the best outfield gloves baseball that is actually going to help you catch the ball consistently. I’m not the best outfielder myself but hopefully, through our good friends playing elite level baseball and some local coaches, my article will help you make a good financial decision.

When you are an outfielder, there are different types of webbing you can go for. The one that I would suggest is looking for trap web which is longer and allows you to cover more ground so that when you are running around the outfield, the glove will give you more range to catch a fly ball. The larger pockets and wide heel will help make taking these catches a lot easier for you.

In terms of size, all outfield gloves are marked as 12.75 inches so when you are an elite-level ball player, playing in a specific position, you’ll definitely want to pay attention to the size so you can cover more ground in the outfield.

Ok, so let us dive straight in!