Benefits of Living in Montana

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They say that the state of Montana is the last great frontier, but Montana is more than that, it is a wonderful place that is filled with so much to do yet offers many areas that are off the beaten path. Montana not only has many benefits to those who visit on a yearly basis, but it also has many benefits to those who live there on a permanent basis.

Here are some of the big benefits that living in Montana brings:

• No Sales Tax: That’s right; spend away if you live in Montana because the sales tax there is a whopping 0%. That means more money in your pocket and less that you have to give to old Uncle Sam. Don’t feel bad though, he always seems to get his fair share.

• Summer Activities: Montana is home to part of the Rocky Mountains and in the summer time there is no better place to be. Mountain biking, backpacking, and fishing are all part of what the Rockies have to offer its residents each and every year. Part of Yellowstone National Park is also in Montana and you can enjoy hot springs and more fishing when you decide to take a trip there.

• Fishing: In case you missed it from the last couple of points, Montana is known worldwide for its great fishing. Fly fishing is especially popular in the great state and many anglers who just can’t get enough of the wonderful catches that Montana has to offer end up finding themselves as permanent residents before too long.

• Winter Activates: When it gets cold out and the white powder begins to fall, the state of Montana turns into one of the best places on Earth to be for skiing. The state boasts many different ski resorts and some world class slopes making the state the ideal residential haven for the utmost ski enthusiast.

• Get Away from the Crowd: One of the greatest things about living in Montana is the fact that you can be close to all the action, but still not be in the thick of it at all times. That is because Montana still has many smaller towns and cities that have remained small in population over the years. However, just because they are small, doesn’t mean that they are out in the boon-docks either. Many of Montana’s smaller communities are located just miles outside of the larger and more heavily populated areas such as Billings. This offers the perfect scenario for someone who wants to live in private, but still be close enough to get into the fray of things when they want to.

Montana may be the last great frontier, but if you are into the outdoors and enjoy tranquil living with action just around the corner, then this state may be for you. While a visit there will give you a taste of what the state has to offer, only living there will show you the true potential and all the benefits that Montana presents its residents on a daily basis. If you are considering moving, take a look at our ranches for sale in Bozeman Montana. I am sure we can find you something that fits your lifestyle.